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      1. whole process service system

        • Pre-Sales Service

          Collaboration on New Process Research and Development

          Our comprehensive evaluation of products, systems and services in the early stage allows us to provide tailor-made solutions for customers to optimize the equipment production and efficiency

          We propose advanced services to optimize the production efficiency and optimum product process solutions according to project requirements

          Services such as sample testing/prototype trial improve the customers’ product processes to the optimized level

        • Fast Delivery and Quality Assurance

          Modular lean production to quickly respond to customers’ order demands

          Based on the industry, we quickly respond to the frontier market information and improve product quality by means of lean production

          Products are subject to multiple inspections before delivery to meet safety and reliability standards

          We provide technical support and after-sales service through the network of service centers at all levels, and can respond quickly in case of an emergency

          Sales Service
        • After-Sales Service

          Continuous Training and Service

          We provide comprehensive and professional training according to customer needs. Professional training will enhance customers’ ability to respond quickly in all circumstances, thus improving the equipment operation efficiency

          We carry out new process verification quickly on site according to customer needs

          We handle customers’ equipment failu